Earned Sick Time – Good News Across the Country

CT may still pass paid family leave this session! http://tinyurl.com/lomazjs

Chicago had a great press conference for paid sick days. When asked whether the mayor might move away from the bill now that the election over, Melissa Josephs had this to say: ““Eighty-two percent of voters support earned sick time. How is anybody gonna step away from that? How is anybody gonna ignore that? … Of course it’s going to move forward. If there’s any possibility [that it won’t], we’ll have another press conference where we’ll call upon him.”

The New Republic did a big cover story on how paid leave is moving from progressive pipe dream to political reality.

The AP had a widely circulating story on paid sick days as the next frontier in the fight for low-wage workers.

And LA passed $15 minimum wage! – paid sick days will be next, and Jenya Cassidy explains why in HuffPo.

Not to mention Boston mayor signing paid parental leave bill for city employees, and Facebook’s action last week.

Here’s to many more celebrations! Best to all, Ellen

Ellen Bravo, Executive Director