Congratulations Ballot Volunteers

Many thanks to our many JALSA volunteers who protected public schools in opposing Question Two on the ballot and who worked to encourage Boston’s participation in the Community Preservation Act (CPA).  Over 62% of Massachusetts voters agreed that the ballot initiative lifting the cap on charter schools was not good for public education.  This win is important even beyond Massachusetts, sending the message that we stand strong against privatizing public education.

Many communities have been enjoying the benefits of the CPA for some years, with new money for affordable housing, open parks, and preservation.  JALSA worked with Temple Israel of Boston to help GBIO commit to 3500 positive votes.  JALSA also initiated an interfaith statement by almost two dozen Boston clergy members in support of the CPA campaign.

On question Two, JALSA worked with the Save Our Public Schools Campaign.  Special thanks to Citizens for Public Schools, a group initiated originally by JALSA, that provided important research, writing, and public education skills to the campaign.  Barbara Gutman led our JALSA efforts in the City of Newton with the help of Brandeis graduate student organizer Benjamin Krieger, resulting in a 58% victory there, notwithstanding significant efforts by local pro-charter school forces.

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) was addressed by several communities on this election day.  Over 74% of those Boston voters taking a position on Question Five supported the measure.  Hannah Klein led our JALSA efforts.  Many thanks to Joe Kriesberg and Thadine Brown for co-chairing this city effort.