The Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action, a Boston-based social justice organization, is devoted to the defense of civil rights, the preservation of constitutional liberties, and the passionate pursuit of social and economic justice for all people.

Forty former board members of the American Jewish Congress founded JALSA in 2001 with Sheila Decter, Executive Director, at the helm to act on their Jewish values through the pursuit of social justice.

JALSA has a Committee on Law and Social Action that promotes legal and policy campaigns; special programs for youth; and working groups on the environment, civil rights, public education, and health.

Our Activities: JALSA draws on a multifaceted toolkit, including:
* Creating, joining, and staffing coalition efforts to maximize effectiveness
 * Writing and coordinating legal briefs to influence court decisions
 * Community organizing to raise awareness and engage the public
 * Building relationships and maintaining open communication with key decision-makers

Want to Help make our communities more just? Contact the JALSA office via email (jalsaoffice@gmail.com) or phone (617-227-3000) or  Join our Mailing List.

**Common Sense Gun Laws: Background checks on all gun purchases, including gun shows; Prohibition on sales or ownership of military style assault weapons and clips/magazines/drums that hold 30, 50, 100 rounds of ammunition; buy-back programs of guns.  (Volunteers Needed.  Email jalsaoffice@gmail.com if you wish to help encourage state and/or federal legislation. )

**Protecting Immigrants: Protecting Immigrants from Attacks on Benefits and Civil Liberties (Help us move to comprehensive immigration reform.  Call 617-227-3000 or email jalsaoffice@gmail.com to join our efforts to help immigrants have a path to citizenship.)

**Worker Justice: Working against outsourcing of sub-contracts to avoid paying benefits to long-time workers; Earned Sick Time Advocacy  (Join our efforts to get business leaders to support our work for earned earned sick time.  Write Bgutman.jalsa@gmail.com)

**Food Justice: Improving Access to Nutritious Food for Low Income Populations. Implementing the Public Health Trust established by the MA legislature.  (Help us get neighborhood groups to seek funds under the new Public Health Trust to improve access to healthy food in their neighborhoods.  email jalsaoffice@gmail.com)

**Mortgage Crisis: Adequate and Improved programs to save homes during this mortgage crisis.  (The resolution on mandatory mediation that passed the Brookline Town Meeting is a model for which needs to be passed state-wide.  email jalsaoffice@gmail.com if you want to help.)

**Education: Supporting programs which enhance public education, equity of resources for disadvantaged communities, opposition to privatization of public education or diversion of public funds from public schools.(Legislation pending at the State House will help improve assessment and accountability with less impact from high stake tests. To help, write jalsaoffice@gmail.com.)

**Revenue: Closing of tax loopholes and increase of  revenue necessary for the whole range of vital government operations, infrastructure, education, health.  (Come join our Revenue Committee to work on federal and Massachusetts revenue issues.  To help, write jalsaoffice@gmail.com.)