Helpful conversation with Carl Lilsson – Fair Share Campaign

Carl Nilsson unnamedTzedek Salon this week was highlighted by Carl Nilsson, the grassroots organizer and campaign manager with Raise Up Massachusetts and the Fair Share Campaign.  Our guests enjoyed a great question and answer session with Carl on background on the Massachusetts budget, the work involved in doing a constitutional amendment, and the great progress already made in delivering 65,000 verified signatures to the Secretary of State.  RaiseUp is well on its way to its goal of collecting 120,000 signatures so that there is every certainty that there will be plenty of verified signatures.  Our campaign to help deal with economic inequality is moving forward on all three legs:  Fight for $15; Medical and Family Leave; and the Fair Share Amendment.
Tzedek Salons bring young Jews, in their 20-30s, and social activists together with important policy makers, attorneys and academics for casual conversation at local bars to explore cutting edge issues facing our society and state today.